30 Nights of Horror and Weekend Hauntings

Hi Ghouls! I hope everyone had a spooky weekend. 

We are very proud to report that we finished our EP, This is the Nightmare Realm this weekend! Our dear friend and co-producer Kenwood Anderson worked so hard on the mixing and mastering, and we are very happy with how everything came out. There are eight songs on the EP. Who knew when we decided to put "Dead Boyfriend" up on YouTube for our friends two Halloweens ago that we would end up recording it for a real release?

As many of you know, when I'm not in the Nightmare Realm with my fellow creatures of the night, I live in Los Angeles. Halloween in Los Angeles is a strange thing. It's very difficult to be scared when it's 90 degrees out and sunny! As much as I try to maintain my spooky lifestyle, when the sun is aggressively smiling at you every day it's hard to capture that mood. Still, I persevere and try to be as gloomy as possible. It isn't easy.

I took a long bike ride along the beach on Sunday. I have only been on a bike once in the past ten years, so that was an adventure. The sun in my enemy and I was sure to use as much SPF 50 as I could get on my skin! I'm amazed that I don't incinerate living here; you wouldn't believe how much I spend on sunblock every year.

I did manage to sneak in some films for #30nightsofhorror, so let's get to that!

On Saturday night I watched George Romero's 1978 classic, Dawn of the Dead. I have seen both versions of this movie, and I have to say the original blows the remake away! Perhaps the 70's vibe adds to the feel, but i think it's because Romero directed it. 

I'm a big fan of indoor malls (don't judge!), especially if they have a vintage 70's/80's feel. I'm not really a big shopper- I just go there for the air conditioning and mall vibe. One of the local malls here allows people to bring their dogs! It's always fun to see all of the cute babies and dogs. Anyway, I am a mall fan. I think that's why this film is so special for me. Imagine spending the end of the world looting the mall and shooting zombies! As ridiculous as that is, it also sounds a little fun to go full Rambo in a deserted mall.

I spent Sunday night with my beloved Michael Myers watching Halloween II.  I watch Halloween and Halloween II every year. I always skip over Season of the Witch for obvious reasons (no Mikey!), and I will usually watch 4 and 5 too. Some years I watch the entires series! I am trying to branch out and watch some new movies this year, so I may not get to see any more of Mikey this month.

I really like that this movie picks up exactly where the last one left off. Is it as good as the original? Absolutely not. I still enjoy it, though. To be honest, I enjoy most films. I am not particularly picky. I may only watch a movie once if it is disappointing, but it's rare for me to really hate a horror film. 

Anyway, Mikey is back to torture Laurie- this time in a hospital. Mayhem ensues. Boy, I'm really quite the movie reviewer, aren't I? Perhaps it's a bad sign that I don't have more to say about this film than that, but it's still a lot of fun. The hot tub murder scene is one of my favorites. So brutal!

For night 9 of #30nightsofhorror I am planning on checking out the new Chucky movie, Cult of Chucky. I love Jennifer Tilly and little Chucky! Can't wait to watch it.

Until next time, stay spooky!