Don't Lose Your Head! It's Re-animator for Night 11

Ghoulish greeting, my fiends! For night 11 of #30nightsofhorror I am staying in the 80's with Re-animator. 

I didn't see this movie until very recently, but I feel like it still holds up today. The 80's feel just adds to the fun! I'm a massive Star Trek fan, so it's hard for me to look at Jeffrey Combs and not see Weyoun from DS9 or Shran from ENT. That being said, he is incredible in this film, just as he has been in his other roles. He plays a terrifyingly believable sociopathic scientist with a dark obsessions.

No one appreciates Herbert West. Not only is he a genius, he is a benevolent god. He gives people life and no one has the decency to even thank him. I know that some of them can’t form coherent sentences after they are re-animated, but they could at least give him a pleasant grunt. 

Truly, the only things that bother me in horror movies are animal deaths. I know it probably says something terrible about me that I care more about animals than people, but humans just aren't as cute. Poor Rufus! The fact that I was able to laugh about his death shows how truly funny and enjoyable this movie is. Normally a dead cat would make a scene unwatchable for me. Human dismemberment, though? Bring it on! 

Why won't the world just accept his genius and thank him for gracing it with his presence? Sure, he often kills with no remorse, but come on guys, it’s for the greater good! 

I love this movie, in all of its campy glory. The bright green “re-animator juice” is iconic, as is this film. Two paws up. 

Until next time, stay spooky!