Drag Me to Hell - A Cautionary Tale About the Mortgage Industry

Hey there guys and ghouls! For night 3 of my #30nightsofhorror Halloween extravaganza, I watched Drag Me to Hell. I have seen this movie before and remembered liking it, but it had been long enough that I had forgotten most of the details. Having a terrible memory is actually a gift when it comes to enjoying movies- I can watch the same movie over and over again and it's like new every time.

I love moments of humor in horror films. Believe it or not, I was actually quite a wimp when it came to watching horror movies growing up! I had a very religious upbringing and didn't see my first horror movie until I was a teenager. Funny horror movies were a good gateway drug for me. Now I can watch pretty much anything, but when I was just a little Nightmare, I had to stick with the classics and with funny horror. The Raimi brothers brought a lot of humor to horror with this movie.

By far my favorite scene in the movie is the seance where they try to transfer the spirit to the goat. What is funnier than a talking demonic goat biting someone's hand? He's the cutest demonic goat I've ever seen. 

Another great moment was when Christine had that explosive nose bleed at work and her creep of a boss said, "Did I get any in my mouth?" Just the way he delivered that line made me laugh.

As for the "poor little old woman," they had already granted her two extensions on her mortgage! She was going to send this poor girl to burn in Hell for eternity just because she was doing her job. Granted, Christine deserved to die and burn in Hell for killing her cat, so I guess things worked out in the end. A real happy ending! All cat killers deserve death and eternal damnation. The end.

Stay spooky!